MITU helps to operate in dangerous and difficult environments where management is sometimes unclear and infrastructure is poorly developed. That is why we have developed a code of conduct to provide all employees, clients, and collaborators with clarity on the values and standards we must adhere to. We have a strict compliance policy that helps ensure that our employees maintain the highest standards of behavior. This is monitored through tightly controlled reporting and external, independent auditing.

It is our policy that MITU’s standards of behavior, integrity, and values are never compromised in the way we operate. We always respect the authority of the state in which we operate. All company activities are in compliance with international and national law as well as local conditions.

The broader consequences of our engagement are always carefully considered before contracts are approved and are evaluated throughout the duration of the project. We place the highest importance on honesty and professionalism while exercising due diligence before undertaking any task. We work in a legal, transparent, and responsible manner.

The code of conduct sets the standard by which we assess all intended and unintended consequences of our actions. Failure to comply with the code of conduct may not only expose us or our clients to unnecessary professional and corporate risk but will also be treated as a serious disciplinary and/or contractual offense.

MITU Centrum Analiz i Oceny Ryzyka
MITU The centre of security and risk assessment

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