We are experts in risk assessment and consulting in the broad area of security and international relations. We help our clients create safe, resilient, and compliant organizations that meet the most demanding standards. In our work, we combine exclusive knowledge and experience with the possibilities offered by modern technologies and the power of data. MITU uses modern analytical methods and tools, such as network analysis, scenario analysis, risk analysis, and geopolitical analysis. In addition, we provide reliable information and analyses from areas inaccessible to others. At MITU, we understand risk, overcome uncertainty, and enable our clients to make better decisions. We understand that discretion is important for many organizations, so we never disclose the identity of our clients. They include private companies, government agencies, law firms, and non-governmental organizations from around the world. We also support journalists and freelancers to improve their own analyses. The range of tools and techniques we use ensures complete confidentiality of both our contacts with clients and the process of preparing our products. Thanks to the combination of different skills, nationalities, backgrounds, and views, our teams are adapted to the world in which our clients operate. We specialize particularly in issues related to Eastern Europe, the so-called post-Soviet area, and the Middle East.

Our company was founded in 2017 on the initiative of a group of experts and practitioners from different countries in the region who wanted to share their knowledge and experience with a wide audience. Our experts are highly qualified, trained, and experienced in issues related to broadly understood security and international affairs. Our team consists of economists, lawyers, journalists, analysts, former diplomats, military personnel, law enforcement representatives, and private sector employees with many years of experience in the industry in a given region. We also gladly use the support of trusted external experts. Currently MITU employs specialists from 8 countries: Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. MITU has its main headquarters in Warsaw and field offices in several other European capitals.

Our company aims to promote dialogue and cooperation between “Eastern” countries and the Balkans as well as the European Union and NATO. The company strives to raise awareness and understanding of the challenges facing the region and to present possible solutions. The goal of MITU’s creators is simple and ambitious: to contribute to better understanding and dialogue between countries in the region, the EU and NATO. We believe that by providing high-quality products and services we can support processes of democratization, stabilization, development and integration in the region.

MITU Centrum Analiz i Oceny Ryzyka
MITU The centre of security and risk assessment

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